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Commonly asked questions about Cobus telephone line services

What if I’ve already paid my telephone line rental in advance, will I lose out?
All rentals are paid in advance but Cobus will arrange the refund in full for all rentals paid.

You’ve said that the line rental is lower and that calls are cheaper. Is this all call types?
Cobus can offer your business a reduction on all call types, including mobile, national and international.

How long does the process take and is it really that easy to switch to Cobus?
The whole process usually takes less than a month and is just like changing your energy suppliers. Call us now to find out how much your business is missing out on!

Can I keep my telephone number? 
Yes, Cobus simply takes over your lines without the need to change your number

Will my phones turn off during the migration?
No, as technically the line is not moving. You just benefit from the high level of service and lower bills from Cobus