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Immingham Seafarers

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We have always been very happy with Cobus maintaining our system and lines so after we were flooded they were the 1st call made and there engineers responded very quickly as usual. We also required a brand new projector and screen which we had no hesitation asking Cobus to install for us. Following the cabling installation and our old system was inoperative Cobus provided us with a new system that has outweighed our expectations.


Cobus maintained the old telephone system for many years and the telephone lines migrated in August 2013 following meeting to review their telephony requirements. Cobus made the charity immediate saving by reducing the lines from 9 to just 4 in total as they were paying for lines the charity didn’t need.

At the end of 2013 the charity was subject to severe flooding form the tidal surge and our engineers promptly attended to investigate potential damage to the telephone system and structured wiring. Following the investigation the customers main incoming lines has been submerged under water meaning there was not any access to any of the lines. Within a few days of the engineers initial visit we had the customer’s telephone lines fully operational and connected some basic handset to allow the charity to continue operating. The centre then underwent a massive redevelopment and Cobus re-attended in June to install a new cabling infrastructure for the full building.

On completion of the works the engineers attended site to re-connect the telephone system (in place prior to flooding) but following extensive testing it was deemed to have been flood damaged and the customer required a costing for a new system urgently. Following conformation from the insurers the new telephone system was installed within days of conformation the old system was no longer usable.

A little about Immingham Seafarers 

We are a non-profit making organisation that welcome all seafarers (from around the world) to our centre were we can offer them a Chapel,  Library,  bar,  tea & coffee, shop,  games area (pool & table tennis), exchange & transfer money services, telephones for making calls home,  Internet Café, Wi-Fi Area and of course our newly installed projector with large screen.

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