The Hull Children’s University are committed to helping create a better future for our children and a better future for Hull and they were a natural choice for us to become our nominated Cobus Foundation Charity of the year for 2015.

Providing learning experiences for children who would otherwise never get a chance to take part in them and being an inclusive organisation, they take full classes of children on experiences and they are proud to say that they are currently working with 74% of primary schools in the city and 30% of secondary schools.
Having worked closely with them in 2014 to launch the Hull & East Riding RSPCA Education Centre meant we had learnt all about their organisation and the fantastic work they were doing around the region and we were positive that our team could offer lots of opportunities and support to them in 2015.

Rose James commented “We are thrilled to have the support of The Cobus Foundation and are very excited about the projects we can work together on to achieve amazing opportunities for the children of Hull.”

Michael Smith, Managing Director of Cobus Communications and The Cobus Foundation said “We worked together with Hull Children’s University for the launch of the RSPCA Animal Education Centre in 2014 and they were the natural choice for us as our 2015 nominated charity and we are very pleased about our new partnership and the wealth of experience and support that Cobus brought to this fantastic local organisation that does so much for our young people in the City.”