TOLL FRAUD (Please read this important information)

Cobus has recently been notified of an increased level of Toll Fraud activity in this area with reports of around five businesses being attacked in the last few weeks!

Please be assured that both the Network, System manufacturers and Cobus are constantly working together on ways to improve security and minimise risk, unfortunately it’s almost impossible to eliminate total risk in such cases.

Toll Fraud is on the increase with an estimated 85% of businesses at current risk from an attack by a fraudster – the average cost to a UK victim is £10,000!

With the terminated calls going to such places as Latvia, Gambia and Somalia with the ‘rewards’ potential being so high this is now a £40 Billion pound a year crime according to figures from FIINA (Forum for International Irregular Network Access).

As previously mentioned, like most crimes, it’s about trying to stay one step ahead of the fraudster by working together (Network, Manufacturer, Maintainer/supplier) to minimise risk potential by applying programming patches and proactively trying to identify weaknesses etc. and working with our customers to tailor system settings to minimise risk, whilst maintaining normal business operations.

If you believe that you could be at risk and you have not yet spoken to your Cobus account manager about taking preventative steps then please don’t wait to be the next victim! This notification is not intended to scare you or an attempt to sell you something – it’s real, it’s happening and we don’t want it to be your business picking up the bill as the liability is yours!