With a steady rise in thefts and shoplifting many businesses are choosing to protect their premises with a CCTV solution. Thanks to modern technology CCTV systems have become more advanced than ever before, they can utilise various methods to monitor your location and provide the right options for your organisation. These can include digital cameras, HD (high-definition) recording, analogue technology and IP options that are designed to be integrated into a computer or Cloud based system.

When considering a CCTV solution choosing the cheapest option is not likely to offer you the highest level of protection or surveillance. It is advised that businesses spend a little more on their security in order to get the right system that’s appropriate to their individual needs. If a burglary were to happen, or a fire break out, an advanced CCTV system would be worth the investment due to its ability to enhance insurance claims or prosecute those who have broken the law.

There are many things to consider before you enter into the buying process.

Common mistakes that many businesses make are they do not consider a sensible budget and if that budget will protect them sufficiently. There are many options that can provide satisfactory cover depending on the required uses for the equipment. Pick cameras that are suitable to either indoor or outdoor usage. Know who your target is – do you want to be able to zoom into detail and what resolution will you need? Will the cameras be visible or are they for discrete use and where will they be placed to provide the best coverage to protect you? Will the cameras operate in the daytime, at night or both? Consider connectivity and wireless options and also think about your software and how you will view and record the footage and back up monitoring services. Options allow you to check your video feed remotely via smartphones and tablets and also review previous recorded footage from hours or days before!

Finally think about any legal implications, installation costs to implement a professional system and any third-party monitoring software or Cloud storage subscription costs which may be required or of benefit to your organisation.

With so much invested in your business, the risks are always present and keeping it safe and secure must be a top priority for any business. For bespoke, cost effective advice and support on the CCTV options available for your organisation contact the Cobus team today.