Hull4Heroes newly opened shop on Whitefriargate unfortunately had the misfortune to experience the theft of a HP laptop recently.

Thankfully the shop had installed a brand new CCTV system, supplied and fitted by the Cobus Communications Group.

Once the images had been checked by staff, the culprit was quickly identified by the crystal clear quality of the images which were evident in helping recognise the thief and in bringing them to justice.

Luckily the culprit had been in custody overnight for a separate unrelated offence and he still had the laptop with him!

We are delighted to tell you all that the laptop is now back in the charity’s possession and was safely delivered back to Hull4Heroes office by the police.

A big thank you to local PSCO’s Lee Smith and Martin Spencer and police officers who were able to easily identify the individual from the cctv images and swiftly realised he was already in custody!!

If you would like more information about the CCTV solutions we can provide for your business contact Emma Waudby on 01482 225666.