We’ve received Mays update from Hull FC about the Community Champions which we are proud to be Title Sponsors for and it makes for heartwarming reading.

For the Wakefield game there were 34 young people in attendance and after a few behavioural issues in the previous weeks there was some fantastic behaviour on show for this match. The children were extremely excited for the game and filled their pockets with lego from the family lounge (which they were allowed to take)  and it was noted that some of the children were really coming out of their shell to cheer the team on.

The Warrington game once again had 34 children in attendance and it was commented that the children are now counting down until the next match as they can’t wait to come – one young boy even asked if he could take the spare sandwiches which are provided home to his mum as she doesn’t get to eat that often! Some of the others also mentioned that after holding the hands of players to walk out onto the pitch they pledged not to wash their hands ever again as it had been such an awesome experience!!!!

The Huddersfield match had 34 participants and children got to take the flags out onto the pitch on this occasion and take photos whilst there to create some lasting and inspirational memories.

At the Catalan Dragons game 34 children attended the match and their behaviour was noted as noticeably improved and their personalities were starting to shine through.One of their favourite things to do before every game is to get Frank Pritchard’s squad number (23) painted onto their face by the face painting ladies in the family lounge. They have sat with his family and children a number of times and have spoken about how much they love Frank the Tank. Tow of the young girls have become friendly with his children and often play with them in the family lounge.

More next month…..