Well recognised for their work to support voluntary organisations across the Yorkshire region, the Cobus Foundation – a charitable arm of Hull telecoms firm, the Cobus Communications Group has provided support and fundraising valued at over £70,000 for local charities and good causes since 2010. Cobus selected PAUL – For Brain Recovery in its 25th Anniversary year, as its nominated charity in 2016 offering corporate assistance, contacts, funding and business acumen that provided tremendous benefits to the charity throughout the year.

Paul’s passion for sport, nutrition and research as a therapeutic driving force for positive change and influence matched that of Cobus Managing Director Michael Smith. It was Paul’s inspirational story of how he suffered his brain injury and the battle he endured during his recovery that encouraged the Cobus team to take part in fundraising events including MD Mike and Paul hiking circa 90 miles across the country in a challenging trek that pushed both of them to their limits and required them both to apply a strong mental attitude as well as the more obvious physical one…

PAUL For Brain Recovery offers a much needed, a sometime urgent support service for the brain injured across the region, and so far this year the centre has had over 500 visits and seeing new service users every week.

The PAUL For Brain Recovery centre, which operates from the Wilberforce Health Centre in Hull is an amazing achievement for such a young charity, the hope and much needed recovery assistance it gives to people affected by brain injury is a fantastic testament to the hard work and commitment by Paul and his team. Cobus is extremely proud to have been involved and helped so much in its first year but feels there is still so much we can support them with. It’s for these reasons that Cobus is very proud and excited to announce the continuation of our support to PAUL for Brain Recovery into and throughout 2017. It’s the first time since the Cobus Foundation was started that we have chosen the same charity for two years running, however seeing the great things we have helped the charity achieve and their exciting plans for 2017 made the decision that much easier.

Mike says “As soon as I met Paul I kinda knew that we were going to hit-it-off and following the last year, especially the Hadrian’s Wall event, Paul has become someone that I would class as a close friend and who I have a lot of respect for. The charity has grown exponentially and is a credit not just to Paul but also his passionate and dedicated team that compliments his vision and driving force. It was a big decision to break the mould and make the unprecedented decision to continue the ongoing Cobus Foundation support into a 2nd and subsequent year but it’s something that I feel very strongly about and we have so many unfinished projects and exciting ideas to implement across 2017 that we just needed more time…”

It would be hard to top the Hadrian’s Wall trek but Mike and Paul, neither one to shy away from a challenge, have decided to go one better and trek a difficult section of The Great Wall of China in May 2017. This gruelling 41km hike is not for the faint-hearted as it’s a thrilling but physically demanding challenge of twists and turns with deliberately uneven steps that would prove difficult for even the most experienced of trekkers. Not to take the easier option but to push themselves even more, Mike and Paul will be trekking whilst carrying fully weighted backpacks as they help to lighten the load of the brain injured by carrying as much load [weight] as they can over the 41km!

Paul commented “Myself and the team are thrilled for the continued support. We are absolutely delighted that Cobus have decided to continue their support of the charity for another year! Their support over the last 12 months has been amazing and has assisted us immensely in providing a dedicated support service for people affected by brain injury. As a relatively new charity, we are developing quickly and with the continued support of Cobus we will be able help even more people recovering from brain injury. From everyone at PAUL For Brain Recovery we would like to say a massive thank you to Cobus for recognising the great work we do. We look forward to another exciting chapter in the relationship over the next 12 months.” Paul added, “On a personal level it has been great getting to know Mike and the Cobus team. I have formed a great friendship with Mike as we share very similar values; we both love exercise and both want to make a positive difference in our local community. Here’s looking forward to another great year working with Mike and his team.”


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