Recently our Operations Manager and his Wife took part in the B20 charity fundraising  event with a number of local businesses to raise money for local charities. Mike comments:

“The morning of the walk was filled with trepidation. Having completed distance challenges in the past I knew what to expect and how much pain would be involved towards the end of the walk and for the next few days as our bodies slowly recovered. My wife (Helen) was more “glass half-full” I wouldn’t say she was blasé to the situation, but it became quite apparent (especially towards the end of the walk) that she’d slightly underestimated the impact walking 20 miles cross country would have on her body and in particular her feet.

It was a relatively early start of 06:20, we were met by the organisers at the Humber bridge visitor carpark where we were issued our numbers, route map and safety pack. Our group consisted of approx. 20 walkers all varying in ability from the casual Sunday afternoon dog walker to the hardened, regular, 3 peeks walkers but all in all it was a very nice and welcoming group.

A short bus trip to the start line at Beverley sports centre, a quick overview of the event and expectations for the day by the organisers and we were off!

The route started quite leisurely, heading North/west out through Beverley towards the Westwood, once through the Westwood the route turned West towards Walkington, routing around the back side of the village and then heading south towards Skidby. It was at Skidby Village hall that we had our first of  2 scheduled breaks, the hall was just under the half way mark (approx. 8.5 miles), spirits were high and after a nice (strong) cup of Yorkshire tea and a few chocolate biscuits and a change of socks it was time to set off again. The group had split into 2 by this stage but everyone was still within viewing distance. The route took us down towards Raywell and then up over the top of the Welton Wold hills, it then headed down towards Welton/Melton and to our 2nd scheduled stop at the North Hull scout Camp. A much welcomed hot drink and numerous chocolate treats were waiting for us which was very much appreciated by everyone as we had been walking the last 2 hours through some quite heavy rain. By this point a lot of the “non-seasoned” walkers (I very much include myself in this) were feeling the effect of the last 15 mile, hips, back and feet were all aching but with spirits still high we pushed on.

Due to the Pennine trail being out of commission because of ground repairs, the route had to take a slight diversion and instead of heading down through North Ferriby and the river side we headed East and walked through North Ferriby itself and up towards the bridge. The sense of relief at being so close to the bridge and seeing the finish line was quickly replaced with deflation when told that due to the slight diversion we actually hadn’t completed the full 20 miles and in fact we still had another 1.5 miles to go :(…well nothing for it, head up, let’s get it done!

Many of the group were struggling by this point, sore bones, aching back and the inevitability of multiple blisters on feet! Yet the group rallied together and pushed through the final 1.5 miles. The final section took us past the Humber bridge visitors car park and our car which was in touching distance (so cruel!), down to the foreshore, though Humber bridge country park (little Switzerland) and up a flight of stairs which felt as though they’d never end, into the car park and across the finish line!…we’d done it!

We met with the organisers and the volunteers who’d been cheering the group on at various points along the route, Unfortunately, we didn’t stay for a group picture as this was the last thing on our minds and we simply wanted to get home, get our shoes off and try to alleviate the aches and pains of the past 7 hours!

It was a fantastic day, a great achievement by everyone involved and I couldn’t be any more prouder of my wife and the effort she made, it was more difficult than a lot had anticipated, especially the last 5 miles and in particular the last 1.5 miles but with a bit of determination and the right mind set it goes to show what you can achieve if you set yourself to the task.

A big thank you to the organisers and all the volunteers.”