NEC has announced end-of-life support for the NEC SV8100 telephony applications range. Withdrawal of support for the system hardware was in March 2018, however they have now announced the imminent removal of support for the system applications including the MyCalls suite.

For your business, as users of the SV8100, this means that no new user licenses for the NEC system or applications software (i.e. MyCalls Call Management/Recorder etc.) will be available for purchase and no further software updates or support will be available via NEC.

Our qualified team of accredited engineers will continue to support your system, however we wanted to make you aware that as time goes on, replacement hardware will start to become less available as your system gets older and has a continued and increased risk of failing.

There are several options available to your business:

NEC have introduced a simple and low-cost upgrade path with the SV9100 series.  Many system components can be transferred across including all NEC Digital and IP handsets, enabling you to retain maximum investment in existing hardware whilst continuing to enjoy full support and expansion capabilities, together with access to new applications and stress-free conversions to SIP.

Why not consider converting your legacy ISDN or Analogue external lines to modern SIP lines which provide you with additional advantages and savings, that in most cases, would even pay for the upgrade through the savings made by converting your system line type!

Due to our legacy stock holding capabilities and availability to replacement parts we will continue to offer the same great support to our customers with the NEC SV8100*.

With our flexible payment options and in-house financing – it’s easier than ever before to upgrade your system to the award-winning NEC SV9100 and with over 28 years’ experience, engineering expertise and knowledge, the Cobus Communications Group will help you achieve the most from your business communications at the lowest possible cost.

Your account manager will be in touch to discuss this further, in the meantime if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Cobus Team on 01482 225666.

*We cannot control the future introduction of updated 3rd party desktop software revisions that may have an impact of the functionality of the NEC applications suite,