This month saw local charity Paul For Brain Recovery founder Paul Spence and Cobus Managing Director Michael Smith embark on a fundraising 26 mile marathon at one of the world’s most iconic structures – China’s Great Wall which was the setting for a thrilling adventure that tested them to their limits. Here’s Mike’s personal update about this incredible challenge and there is still time to donate.

China ?? Marathon update: The day after…
What a day it was yesterday, …arguably the toughest challenge that I have ever taken on! …an intensive 3-month training ?????️‍♀️program, that had me training almost everyday for 3-months, and some positive running ??coaching (I’m no runner, and I’d only ever done the odd 10K race prior to February!) from my mate and ‘PAUL For Brain Recovery’ charity founder Paul Spence to prepare (oh so I thought!) for the China ?? Great Wall Marathon, that’s said to be one of the worlds toughest marathons!
…on reflection I’m not sure that we could have done anything to prepare for the conditions, namely the baking heat (between 35-40 degrees on the course!!!), humidity, dry air etc. …oh, and those 5,164 steps, elevations, climbs, and the almost seemingly unimportant 26.2 miles!
…the Marathon had some 2,000 runners ?? attending from 70 different Countries with last year seeing only a 37% completion rate with an average finish time of 6.5 hours!
…it was certainly one to remember and although it was my first marathon, and my only/last – as I only did this as a commitment to Paul and the charity as I really don’t like running! ?, I’ve got to admit that I did feel a certain sense of achievement ? for both the charity and myself when I crossed the finish line in 6 hours 40 mins?
…I’ve really dedicated myself to this challenge that was totally out of my comfort zone as running ?? is just not my thing! I’m really proud to have taken Paul and myself to China to raise awareness and funds for our chosen charity and showcase @PAULforbrainrecovery on the international stage… ??
Please consider a few pounds donation and help me to help this great local charity that supports the brain injured on their often long and difficult road to recovery… thanks, Mike n Paul x
Or text CHIN41 and £amount to 70070