Although it’s cold ‘up North’, we haven’t had half the bad weather as our Southern friends, but some have still experienced disruption to the working week. Thousands of businesses across the UK have been operating on skeleton staff or in extreme cases have had to shut. However big or small the impact, the ability to communicate effectively with your customers, suppliers or your workforce should not be affected.

Businesses, who operate a VoIP telephone system utilising hosted and/or SIP technology, can adapt very easily in periods of disruption and can give the impression that they are operating as normal. Having the ability to make and receive calls from a non-office-based handset; laptop or mobile phone, set up as part of the company’s existing telephone system and number, can give this impression. By having this technology and a plan already in place, there are fewer problems for your customers, no increased workload for the staff able to get into work and less disruption to your business overall.

Working from another location is simple to set up and manage with this technology. Workers simply log on via a softphone client on their laptop and it is business as usual.

Every business should have a good Disaster Recovery plan in place for times like these; resiliency and planning are so important. It might not mean you have to completely change your current system; it could be a simple change to the way your existing system is set-up.

VoIP/ hosted or SIP trunks can be set-up, installed and configured very easily. They are flexible enough to be able to be moved to any location, connected to a broadband service and be making and receiving calls within a few minutes. Rapid innovation in technology means VoIP/ hosted systems are now feature-rich telephony solutions that incorporate many of the features seen in more conventional and traditional digital systems such as advanced hunt groups, call queuing, voicemail-to-email, call recording, automated attendants, call reporting, IM, collaboration and integration with 100s of CRM applications. The packages are built to suit the business and benefit from inclusive calls or low call rates allowing you to budget effectively.

Whatever your business needs, Cobus can help you by providing a comprehensive assessment of your current system and recommend the most suitable solution. Choosing the right system that works best for your business doesn’t have to be difficult; whether you’re looking to reduce costs, save time by becoming more efficient and/ or require more advanced features and functionality, we promise to take a consultative approach, give you impartial, honest advice to help you decide.