If you haven’t yet checked your latest telephone bill, then you may not be aware that KCOM have recently increased their telephone charges for business customers.

After announcing lower prices and new unlimited packages for its residential Lightstream service, the company has increased charges for businesses on the call setup and calling of national and mobile numbers, in some cases by an eye-watering 567%*

In addition to these increased charges, KCOM have introduced charges for local calls, where previously these were included at no additional charge. The changes took effect on the 3rd December 2018 in a move which saw little announcement but saw huge increases for many customers! If you haven’t yet seen your KCOM bill, you may be in for an unwelcome surprise!

Established in Hull for 28 years, the Cobus Communications Group have been offering alternative line and call services to businesses in Hull and the rest of the UK since 1999 and are a trusted wholesale aggregator using Tier-1 connectivity partners, basically ensuring you of the highest levels of telephony and connectivity at all times.

With dedicated, professional teams in administration, provisioning, and engineering the switching of line services in Hull has never been easier. Put simply, as the region’s largest independent provider, Cobus can buy from KCOM’s wholesale division and receive discounted rates that are passed onto our valued customers.

It’s simple to do, with no disruption or downtime in service and you keep the same telephone numbers, it really is just like switching your gas or electricity provider but with the bonus of receiving a significantly lower monthly bill.

A recent customer who switched their services from KCOM said:

“We moved to Cobus when KCOM increased their prices and also started to charge for local calls. Not only will we save £1,164** but the service delivered was exceptional and they took away the hassle of dealing with the network.” [Dawn Power from local Hull firm ‘Swan Industrial’

With an expanding list of business clients moving their line and call services over to the well established local firm, Michael Smith, Managing Director at Cobus commented “The huge savings that companies could be taking advantage of have been available across the Hull area for a considerable time – however many think the changeover will be a hassle and could affect the day to day running of their business but this is simply not true! We have transferred thousands of business telephone lines and broadband services and we also offer a full range of complimentary communications services, so you can take advantage of cost savings and improve the level of service that you receive from your telecoms provider. If you haven’t yet switched to Cobus, then you’re probably paying too much!”

For more information or to arrange a no-obligation cost comparison to see just how much you’re missing out on! Contact the Cobus team today on Hull 225666 or email sales@cobus.co.uk


*Percentage increase is national PPM increase from 1.5p to 10p

**Quoted savings based on a calculated 12-month period.