Humber business owners need to prepare carefully before leaving their premises empty over the Christmas break.

‘Tis the season for celebrating, but business owners should ensure they have everything in place before they break up for the holidays as empty business properties are a magnet for opportunist thieves.

Here are our top 4 tips to keep your premises safe and secure over the Christmas break.

Tip 1 – Check cover, locks and alarms

Ensure gates, doors and windows are secured with locks, and that intruder/fire alarms are working correctly and have been tested and ensure all detectors are clean and functioning. If manned security is in force then make sure cover is in place should illness or an unexpected event occur.

Tip 2 – Check CCTV

Give your CCTV system a health check and make sure images are of good quality with the correct time and date set and that your external lighting systems are working correctly. Check that your premises displays adequate CCTV signage as a deterrent to criminals and look at putting lighting systems onto timers so your premises appears to be occupied.

Tip 3 – Advise your neighbours of opening and closing times

Make the most of your local neighbours and update them of your opening and closing times so they can keep an eye out and work in partnership to protect one another. Ensure staff know the locking up procedures and who to contact and who is on call should the worst happen!

Tip 4  – Protect cash and valuables

Ensure cash and valuables are out of sight and securely protected and not visible from the street and make sure vehicles are empty of tools, fuel and materials are securely locked and keys are put into a safe or taken off site.

If you are worried about protecting your premises before the festive period then contact our team today.