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As bandwidth demands continue to increase no business can run effectively without a fast and reliable internet connection. Cobus can provide you with a whole host of connectivity options in both the Hull area and across the UK. Whether it is broadband, fibre or you simply can’t afford to lose your internet connection and need a more guaranteed and dedicated connection with greater resilience, upload and download speeds, we can cater for all your needs and provide you with the right connection choice.

  • Fibre
  • ADSL/ Broadband
  • Leased lines
  • Wireless
  • Satellite

Service/Product Per Month Fibrestream Low Usage FibreStream Medium Usage FibreStream High Usage
Price Fibre £34.50 Fibre £42.99 Fibre £59.99
Allowance 250 Mbps Allowance 400 Mbps Allowance 750 Mbps Allowance
Download Usage Unlimited Download Usage Unlimited Download Usage Unlimited Download Usage
Upload Usage Unlimited Uploads Unlimited Uploads Unlimited Uploads

Need even faster speeds?

We can offer download speeds of up to 1Gbps with our super-fast Cobus FibreStream with prices from only £92.99 pm or ask about our leased lines…

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