We offer a consultative approach to providing the correct solution to every customer from single business users, to SME’s and large multi-national organisations. We continue to be at the forefront of converged technologies and unified solutions, whilst also recognising that some businesses will continue to require the more traditional and proven technologies. This flexible and informed approach adds real choice and resilience to their systems in case of connection failure or due to the overall cost of implementation. We promise to impartially help you decide which system solution best suits your business requirements, and not ours! 

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VoIP systems

With a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone system calls are made over an internet connection and can help your business reduce costs, budget effectively and increase the mobility and productivity of staff.. It is easier to install, configure and maintain and you can scale up and down to your business needs. Call costs are low or can be bundled with line rental enabling you to budget every month.

Cloud based solutions (SIP/hosted)

SIP trunks (internet telephone lines) can offer a more flexible and lower cost alternative to traditional ISDN. They connect your PBX telephone system to the local network exchange via a ADSL broadband, ethernet or private circuit connection.

Very quick to install, are ideal for multi-sites and have lots of additional features usually included. SIP trunks can be used with many existing telephone systems and alongside ISDN lines to create a hybrid system, which means you can route your calls accordingly and have the resilience/back-up in case of loss of connectivity.

On-premise systems

These systems have a physical box located on your premise and are connected by wires to each telephone. They rely on ISDN/analogue lines to make outbound calls, so not dependent on your internet connection potentially making them more resilient. They can be upgraded to become a hybrid system integrating SIP trunks.

It can be relatively costly to install new ISDN lines and each system has an initial capacity level that you are limited to, so these need to be taken into consideration when choosing your most suitable system.

Here at Cobus we will talk you through all the options available so you can understand each one and how it would benefit and work for your business. Call us today to book an appointment with one of the sales team – 01482 225666.


Whether you’ve chosen to upgrade your telephone system to a digital or an IP system, todays telephony offers a suite of useful applications that can provide your business with call management, call centre management, call recording and CTI services.

The benefit of these applications can enhance your customer’s experience enormously, ensuring you effectively manage your incoming workflows and provide real-time statistics and call activity analysis to improve company efficiency and performance reports.

  • Call Management
  • Call Recording (Including start/stop feature for PCI compliance)
  • Call Centre
  • Unified communications
  • Toll Fraud protection
  • Marketing on Hold*
  • CRM Integration
  • Voice to email
  • Headsets
  • Conference Units
  • And much more…..

*Marketing on Hold is a fantastic way to let both your existing and new customers know more about your business and what you can offer them. Please click on the following link to experience the live interactive sample

Call us today and let us find out the type of system and additional features that will benefit your business the most.

Line services:

We are uniquely positioned to give your business the best fixed-line provisioning at the most competitive price on line rentals and call charges, with the majority of customers seeing reductions of over 40% on their telephony expenditure. Whether it’s KCOM, BT or another network that provides your telephone lines, we have an experienced team waiting to take your call.

We will advise you on the most suitable connectivity for your business whilst paying close attention to cost. Cobus only interconnects with providers supplying a 99.999% Tier-1 connectivity which ensures you receive the highest level of service and reliability at all times.

We keep things simple and transparent allowing you to see what you are paying with no hidden charges

Individual Services (line/connection types)

Analogue/ Multi / PSTN Lines – A simple business phone line, one phone number per line. It can be upgraded to multi-line group so a single number can be shared between numerous lines.

ISDN2 Lines/ ISDN30 Lines – Digital telephone lines that allow concurrent calls on multiple channels on the same copper wire.

VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to make telephone calls over an internet connection instead of traditional analogue or ISDN lines.

Fibre – A fibre broadband connection is usually a connection between two given points, again usually a business premise and data centre or network node and it can deliver speeds up to 1Gbps. Usually a fibre broadband service is shared, or contended, with other users but will offer superior speed, throughput, and resilience over standard copper ADSL broadband.

Leased Lines – A dedicated circuit which connects two end points for transferring and sharing data between them and benefits from a non-contended connection without any sharing. 

Whatever your requirements, we are here to recommend the best solution for your business. Call today on 01482 225666


  • Established Since 1991
  • Fully Accredited Engineering Teams
  • Multiple award winning customer service
  • Online Billing
  • Inclusive online call reports (on selected services)
  • Use of Tier 1 network providers to ensure the highest quality of calls
  • Supported by KCOM and BT Openreach


Here at Cobus we GUARANTEE to save you money on your telephone bills. Become one of the many 100’s of companies who are receiving cheaper telephone bills by switching to Cobus – switching really is easy, quick, and painless, it’s even easier than switching your gas or electricity provider! You can keep all of your existing numbers and there is no downtime or disruption in service.

Customer Example: KRL Group

See the typical example below for an actual cost comparison from the KRL Group in Hull who has saved a proven £276.29 per month that’s a huge £3,315.48 per year when they made the switch!


Line Rental (Monthly) KCOM Cost Cobus Cost Saving With Cobus
4x ISDN2 Lines £136.00 £117.68 £18.32
2x Analogue Lines £40.00 £30.78 £9.22
Call Type Number Of Calls KCOM Set-Up Costs KCOM Cost Per Min KCOM Bill Cost Cobus Set-Up Cost Cobus Bill Cost Savings With Cobus
National 1296 £0.10 £0.02 £180.12 £0.01  £55.28 £124.84
Mobile 966 £0.10 £0.13 £254.50 £0.02  £130.59 £123.91



We work with all the industry’s leading manufacturers to supply, install, configure and support telephone systems and a plethora of applications to ensure your business communications run smoothly. Our engineers have almost 100 years’ experience between them working with all brands including the small selection shown below.

Whatever your current or preferred system, consult with our experts so we can advise you. Talk to us today, call 01482 225666.


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