The award-winning Cobus team is well known for consistently going the extra mile to help charities and good causes in the local community.

One of the most recent examples was installing a polytunnel for a gardening project at Biggin Hill Primary School in Hull, providing engineers, labour and materials at no cost over a 15-day period.

Cobus Managing Director Michael Smith spotted the school’s cry for help on social media and immediately offered the team’s services to help teachers, pupils and parents to reach their goal.

Their aim was to create an outdoor learning area where the children can grow their own plants and vegetables, and learn about horticulture, working with local residents to bring the community together.

Cobus Operations Manager Mike Robinson assessed what the school needed and arranged for engineers to start work, digging out the groundworks before constructing the aluminium and wood frame along with ventilation and polycarbonate sheeting.

It was a first for engineers, Phil and Gary, as it was something they had never done before and the instructions were written in a foreign language, which added to the challenge.

However, the goal was achieved and the school now has a brand new polytunnel to bring the dream to life.

Headteacher Stuart Clark said: “We weren’t sure if anyone would respond to our post, knowing what a big project it was, so we were over the moon when Cobus got in touch.

“I can’t praise the engineers enough for all their hard work and determination in constructing this tunnel and we are so grateful to Cobus for donating their time and efforts. The pupils, staff and parents are thrilled with the results.”

Cobus Engineer Gary Mower, who was involved in the installation, said: “It was a steep learning curve to put the system together. But we applied all our technical skills and some hard graft to get it up and running for the school, and we have all really enjoyed the experience.”