For many companies, the holiday season signifies a loss in income from employees taking a holiday break to during the summer months, however, some businesses are able to turn these holiday periods into lead magnets to increase their profits and opportunities

Stock up on product ranges so that when the demand increases, you are able to deliver the goods and why not consider having a sale to generate purchases or tempt new customers with a free gift.

Many customers buy during the holiday season so make sure you’re marketing your seasonal products before the holiday season hits.

Add a bit of holiday cheer into your marketing to make you stand out to your customers. Why not advertise during the holiday season as people may be more receptive and your ads may be more memorable – you could send out a quarterly enewsletter or a personal email to thank customers for their custom over the last 12 months.

Make sure that you are being efficient by doing the research to find out what your customers want at these particular times of the year. Use your time wisely to consider reviewing and updating your business goals or scheduling in time for those staff KPI meetings or technical updates and installation jobs that are best undertaken in quiet periods.

Ensure your staffing levels are adjusted to meet the demand during the holidays and plan your seasonal recruitment ahead of time.

Ensure you have calendar reminders in place for important holiday dates throughout the year and match this against your staffing levels, stock requirements, promotions etc and share the calendar with your team to plan ahead.

Engage with your clients on social media – schedule and plan in your posts and ensure accounts are managed during periods away from the office. Also if you’re not using video nowadays to promote your business, then you’re not making the most of all the marketing power the internet has to offer so go live on Facebook or share your company on Youtube or promote your corporate videos across all your company profiles.

Why not use the holiday season to recap on a successful year or do a mid year roundup?