For some time now, telecom network providers have been making plans to move all the voice networks over to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that’s the new digital standard.

Recent articles indicate that this will start in 2020 with a targeted completion, for traditional circuits to be switched off, by 2025. For thousands of businesses, this will mean an upgrade or replacement of their current telephone systems to allow the calls to route over the new internet protocol.

There is a key factor to consider when you’re switching from ISDN to VoIP – and that is: Is your internet connection good enough, and voice optimised, to deliver a VoIP service whilst still coping with the day to day running of your business’s IT data needs? The Hull and the surrounding area has a key advantage over the rest of the UK with the incumbent ISP (Internet Service Provider) for Hull and the East Riding [KCOM], announcing the “completion” of their £85M “Lightstream” roll-out, which means that almost all of the 200,000+ premises within their network area should now be within reach of a 900Mbps+ FTTP (Fibre-to-thePremise) service.

Whilst this new internet service delivery has been successfully taken up by many businesses across the region, most haven’t considered the massive shift that will take place over the next few years when the fixed line [ISDN] infrastructure is turned off with the need to upgrade their telecom systems to one of the new digital variants: VoIP, SIP, or a Hosted solution.

Here at Cobus, we pride ourselves on recommending the best solution to suit your needs whilst considering the features, the infrastructure, and the price, as well ensuring we future proof your business with the correctly chosen platform. Lowering your overall telecoms costs for most businesses is a main priority and being able to increase call features and functionality means it’s a win-win for organisations looking to upgrade and gain additional benefits.

Many new office phone systems already support VoIP, but if yours doesn’t, you can either replace it with an IP system or switch from a fixed, on-premise phone system, to a Cloud/ Hosted telephony service. 40% of the UK market has already switched over to a VoIP/SIP solution as it provides several key benefits including:

  • Reducing costs, typically by up to 50%
  • Extremely scalable and flexible
  • Easier to install, configure and maintain
  • Increase the mobility and productivity of staff – e.g. a cloud-based telephone system can give you the ability to easily transfer calls between multiple offices and locations and use your business line anywhere in the country enabling greater efficiency across your team.

If you want to make savings off your current telephone line rental and call costs, or your telephone system is out of date and not offering you the new features, options, or reliability that’s now available, then now is the right time to review your options and consider switching to new technologies. Why not make the change now (before the network is switched off!) and contact our dedicated and award-winning team today on 01482 225666.