We are a long standing [almost 30-years] award winning business that prides itself on delivering the right solution at a competitive price; whilst also making sure that Cobus is a great place to work with a real passion for giving back and getting involved in numerous charity and community events within our local area. During these unprecedented and turbulent times, we have been looking at innovative new ways that we can further help assist businesses with their communications needs while working from alternative locations.

This is something that we already offer, with a selection of tailored solutions utilising the latest in hosted telephony; that allows professional call handling from any location by utilising seamless applications on your current mobile device. But what’s different with this offering is that this sales campaign provides unbeatable value at a give-a-way price, quite literally!

The offer: We’re offering businesses the supply and installation [using remote configuration and deployment where possible] of a hosted telephone solution with inclusive calls and optional features such as video conferencing, auto-attendant, instant messaging etc. for an initial cost of just 1 pence per user, per month, until the end of July 2020. This will enable businesses to handle their office communications effectively and professionally while not having to find any capital and/or monthly payments during this difficult and worrying financial period. This offer is for a limited time only and subject to a minimum agreement term.

In addition to this already fantastic offer we are giving all new businesses a £50 cashback as a thank you, and will also make a £50 donation to our Cobus Foundation Charity of the Year, Hull4Heroes for each and every new customer.

Moving to a fully hosted VoIP telecoms system where you can work from home or alternative locations is an easy transition with minimal disruption. The current increased levels of lockdown and remote/home working has created an increased need for collaboration and seamless connectivity over remote locations. This has led to many businesses migrating from a predominantly onsite solution to a fully hosted system, on occasions within as little as 24-hours. Thousands of businesses across the UK have run their telecoms as traditional on-premise systems for years, so it can seem like a huge step to upgrade to an internet cloud-based system. However, we are here to help and make the move as seamless as possible.

This solution enables your staff to work remotely while still being part of the same telephone system so your customers do not know any real difference. The installation of the applications onto your mobiles and laptop devices allow for the whole organisation to interact with each other through several beneficial ways from the simple transferring of a call to Video/Conference Calling, Instant Messaging, Screen Sharing, Presence, and much more, …meaning it’s business as usual. Increased productivity by utilising new features and creating improved efficiency can be expected across all areas of the business operation.

Cobus MD, Michael Smith, added “this is an exceptionally tough time for all with one of the biggest worries being the unknown, Cobus have put this package together to help businesses get through the lockdown and phased return while also promoting further contributions to Hull4Heroes, our Foundation charity and friends, that do such a fantastic job supporting our veterans, especially in this time of unrest”  

So basically, Cobus are running this awesome campaign, …giving some month(s) away for pennies, …providing some cash back as a thank you, …and making a donation to our Cobus Foundation Charity of the Year [Hull4Heroes] for each new customer.


If you would like to take advantage of this amazing offer, or discuss moving to a Hosted solution or any other telephony requirement, not forgetting that in most cases we can arrange government grants to cover costs, then please contact us on 01482 225666 or email sales@cobus.co.uk 

Terms and Conditions: https://cobus.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/

  1. Offer is subject to a minimum contractual term of no less than 36 months following the initial discounted period.
  2. The discounted period is for any order placed and provided within the offer period up to the end of the offer period.
  3. The start of the offer period is 01/05/20, the end of the initial offer period is 31/07/20
  4. Cobus reserve the right to extend the period beyond the initial period if desired.
  5. The offer is subject to the prospective client passing all required due diligence/credit checking criteria etc.
  6. The offer is only available to UK business customers currently.
  7. Following the initial discounted period, the monthly costs per user, per month, will increase from 1pence to £9.99 per user, per month depending on the required features. Certain features may incur additional monthly charges per user.
  8. Any customer that wish to terminate the agreement early will be liable for full payment of the agreed users over the agreed term.
  9. Cobus may retract the offer at any time, for any orders not in-flight, following a withdrawal of advertising and promotion that maybe prior to the planned end date of the 31/07/2020