We have important updates regarding Telephony Toll Fraud following recent increases in this type of fraudulent activity within our region and we are actively promoting ways to combat this kind of criminal activity to minimise the risk potential to your business.

What is Telephony Toll Fraud I hear you ask?
It costs UK businesses £1.2 billion each year with the UK being the third most targeted Country in the world.

Cobus are a responsible telephony system supplier and maintainer and we would like you to benefit from the latest manufacturer guidance updates as well as our own preventative measures that can be customised to your individual set-up needs and which will provide maximum protection, whilst still allowing normal business operations to continue.

In order to provide you with the most up-to-date protection we would need to apply changes to your telephony system that are appropriate to your business type and individual use – the changes are non-intrusive and in most cases we should be able to apply the changes remotely – however site visits may be required in part and/or full for some configuration types.

The changes will provide additional protection but as with many types of professional crime the changes cannot guarantee 100% protection and Cobus cannot be held responsible for any such case of fraudulent activity with or without the associated patch applied.

If you are happy for Cobus to proceed with these preventative works, please contact us on 01482 225666 to speak to a member of our team and we will raise the works order to be completed as required and as soon as possible for you.